My aim is to provide support to babywearing parents all over the region. Running the surgery does incur costs, however, such as the training, the insurance, and the slings! Everything goes back into the surgery. If you are in need and unwaged, please do get in touch anyway, I am keen to help as much as I can.

One-to-one consultation (usually about 1.5 to 2 hrs) £20-£30

  • This is ideal if you are wanting specific one-to-one help. The session can be tailored to you and your baby’s needs, such as a complete introduction to slings and a chance to try some on, both with weighted demo dolls and then your baby, or a more focused session, for example, learning how to use your carrier in multiple different positions, such as three different front carries in an appropriate stretchy and how to breastfeed, or how to do safe and secure back carries with a woven wrap. There are lots of options, which we will discuss prior to your attendance. This is £20.
  • If you and your partner or a friend wish to attend together for the same learning experience, you are welcome to arrange this, please discuss with me beforehand so we can get the most out of the session! This will cost £25 to reflect the fact that such double consultations often take longer.

Bump to Baby Package introduction to slings for pregnant parents

  • This is usually split into two sessions of 1 hour each, pre and post-birth. Each daytime sessions is £10 for one person, £12.50 for two people. Each evening sessions is £12.50  for one person and £15 for two people.

Out of Hours consultations

  • Sessions  in the evening or at weekends can be available if necessary, but to protect family time I only offer one weekend slot a month and four evening slots per month. This is £25 for the session for one person, £30 for two people.

Please note that a deposit of half the total price is required upon booking.

Clinic/Troubleshooting Session (half an hour to one hour) £5 -£10

  • Have a carrier you don’t know how to use, or want to tweak a carry you can already do? This is what you need.

Workshop (minimum 3, maximum 5 people at each, depending on type) £7.50 per person (workshop will usually run for 1.5 to 2hrs)

  • This is more suited to learning one simple carry, such as a Ring Sling workshop, or a Stretchy workshop, or Back Carry with a Full Buckle workshop, or Hip Carry with a Woven Wrap workshop (ie just one focus.) I limit this to between three to five people. This ensures I have enough time and attention to be able to concentrate on each member of the workshop and ensure everyone leaves with a smile!
  • Experience has taught me that the Back Carry with a Woven wrap workshop is best run with just two or three people, so for this, we will concentrate mainly on how to be safe, how to get a good seat and one or two carries.

Sling “Parties” 

  • Sometimes friends like to club together to have a group workshop.. if the space is large enough I am happy to travel a reasonable distance and the cost for this depends on the size of the group and the complexity, but will usually be similar to the workshop prices. Please discuss me to firm up plans and prices!

Library and Hire

  • Slings can be hired from the consultations, depending on stock and demand later in the week. This is a fixed price of £5 per sling for a week’s hire (longer can be arranged on request and is £2.50 for each extra week). I will ask you to fill in a hire form and read the terms and conditions when hiring. I hire from the Slings in the City sling library drop in, from the 4th Trimester on Mondays, and from my Saturday Slings drop in, and from my doorstep at a mutually convenient time, by prior arrangement. I have an extensive collection in my library (see the Catalogue), but there are two other sling libraries in the region if I don’t have what you’d like.


  • Vouchers can be purchased as gifts, such as one for a one-to-one consult, or a consult with a week’s sling hire (. Please contact me to arrange for an electronic voucher to be sent to you. This would be a lovely present for a pregnant mum or a new family wanting to learn about slings, or for a friend who would like to move on to toddler carriers, for example!