Slings in the City

slings in the city banner fullWelcome to Slings in the City! 

This Sling Library Drop In is held on alternate Thursday afternoons from 12.30 till 3pm in the Studio, downstairs at The Montgomery, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2LG.

Useful Information

We’re thrilled to see you and your little one here, thank you for coming! We all hope you enjoy your visit, here is some information to help you.

This is a sling library drop in session, which is informal, everyone is welcome, whatever their need or the age of their child/ren.

Rosie is the consultant working here, and she is very ably assisted by several trained supporters (Kiri, Lindsay, Natalie, Sarah, Fi), all of whom can give you good advice, we also have many committed volunteers  (Victoria, Helena, Katie, Sharon, Laura) working on welcoming, admin etc.

To cover the cost of room hire and refreshments we ask for £2 per family.

Making yourself at home

Please sign in at the start and tell our volunteer if there is anything you’d like specific help with

Please go and make yourselves comfy in the play area and make friends (if you are a regular, do welcome a newcomer!)

The toys are for children to play with as much as they like

There are refreshments, please help yourselves!

How do I get some help?

We work our way through everyone on the sign in list, sometimes we gather people with similar needs together for some group work.

Please note it can be busy here – we will see everyone who comes. If you are in a hurry, please tell the volunteer on the desk.

You are welcome to browse

The slings are spread out across the room in categories, and there are demo dolls to use.

Please feel free to browse and feel the slings and get an idea of what is available and what appeals to you.

If you are not an experienced user, we ask that you use the demo dolls until one of us is free to assist you. This is for safety and comfort reasons. Once you feel confident and can use a sling safely you will be welcome to continue trying options if you’d like (and do ask us for any extra pointers if you need to).

If you are confident with slings, then you are welcome to try carriers on with your child, this is of course at your own risk.

Taking a sling home

If you would like to take a sling home on hire, you are very welcome to do so; the forms can be filled in at the welcome desk. Fees are £5 for one week and £2.50 for each week after that.

Slings in the City runs fortnightly and many find it convenient to hire for two weeks (£7.50). Slings can also be returned to Rosie’s house – please email her to arrange this!

Want to buy? Rosie sells some slings herself, and she has discount codes for many sling companies, please email her for this information!


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