The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester (4T) is a drop in session run by Dr Rosie Knowles (Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library) and Lindsay Snow (BabyCalmToddlerCalm Sheffield), to help parents with bumps or small babies (under 4 months) find out all they need to know about this precious stage in their lives.

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Babies are particularly vulnerable for the first three months of life outside the womb while their bodies and brains adapt to their new environment. This total, almost pregnancy-like, level of dependence is the inspiration for the term ‘4th trimester’.

Scientific research is discovering that successfully meeting a baby’s needs has a positive and measurable effect on brain development (of the parents as well as the baby!). Furthermore, we believe that having the knowledge, skills and confidence to parent in an instinctive and responsive way results in a more enjoyable and relaxed transition to family life.

At 4T, Rosie and Lindsay are on hand to introduce you to how to care for your young baby (including the safe and comfortable use of slings and carriers) as well as offer evidence-based advice to help you make informed parenting decisions.

From time to time we will invite guests such as hynobirthing teachers, breastfeeding advisers, chiropractors etc..

It is held at Rosie’s home, 26 Westwood Rd, S11 7EY, between 10 and 12am, alternate Monday mornings.

# Informal, non-judgemental parenting chat
# Evidence-based advice on coping with infant sleep, crying and colic, etc.
# Sling demonstrations, trouble-shooting and loans.

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