The Surgery at Home library drop in

The At Home Sling Library drop in serves two purposes; a fixed time in the week (along with Saturday Slings and Slings in the City) where carriers can be returned and collected.

It is also a way of accessing Rosie’s experience and expertise in brief, bite-size format, with the large Surgery collection of slings and carriers available to try on, first with weighted realistic demo dolls and then your own child, where appropriate. She will be able to help you on the journey to find the right kind of carrier for you and your baby’s needs. Every parent and child combination is unique and what worked well for your friend, or what you have been advised to try on the internet, may not be the best-fitting choice in real life.

A sling library gives you a chance to try things before you buy, as a sling that isn’t comfortable for you, or one that your baby does not like, could be an expensive experiment! Some parents find a carrier they love straight away, some may try several different types before settling on one that feels the best.

No appointment is needed, but if it is busy, there are sofas and toys available. Slings can be taken away on hire to use at home for a period of time.

This session is held at Rosie’s home, 26 Westwood Rd, S11 7EY and runs from 12.30 till 3.30pm.

If you have more complex needs or wish a more in-depth one-to-one service, this is available too. More information here.