Library Wraps (Woven and Stretchy)

Stretchy Wraps

  • Close Caboo carrier Taupe
  • Close Caboo carrier Blue
  • Close Caboo carrier Red
  • Close Caboo carrier Green
  • NCT Close carrier Grey
  • Moby Wrap, Older style, Blue
  • Moby Wrap, Red
  • Karime, red
  • Victoria Sling Lady Stretchy
  • SaBe (black, and also in green and black)
  • Tricotti pouches red (medium/large size)

Woven Wraps

Size 7

  • Girasol Northern Lights Rainbow – cotton
  • Didymos Agave (teal and gold) – linen blend
  • Oscha Monks Belt Jol (red and blue and purple) – cotton
  • Wrapsody Bali Breeze Presley (black and white polka dots)  – cotton gauze

Size 6

  • Girasol Highlights (green, purple, blue) – cotton
  • Ellevill Norwegian Jack (teal) – wool and cotton
  • Easycare Neutral Rainbow (blue, green, cream) – cotton
  • Little Frog Fluorite (multicolour stripes) – cotton
  • Oscha Starry Night Shona (teal and cream) – hemp and cotton
  • Lenny Lamb Twisted Leaves (pink and turquoise) – cotton
  • Hoppediz Timbuktu (black with rainbow) – cotton
  • Lir Slings Gothic Hearts Ciara (purple) – cotton
  • Firespiral Orange Librarian (teal and orange) – cotton
  • Firespiral Kaleidoscope Saplings (green) – cotton
  • Linushka Owls Glace, (cream) Pima cotton and combed cotton
  • Baie Slings Dormant Nature (black to purple grad), cotton and combed cotton
  • Yaro Slings La Vita (Emerald/Black), cotton
  • Yaro Slings La Vita (Teal/Ecru), cotton and hemp

Size 5

  • Didymos Hemp India (green) – hemp and cotton
  • Ali Dover Pioneer (teal, purple, grey) – cotton
  • Oscha Liberty Maya (greeny blue) – wool and cotton
  • Oscha Starry Night Maui (rainbow) – bamboo and cotton
  • Baie Slings Trowen (teal and ebony) – combed cotton
  • Oscha Tulipa Parma (purple) – linen and cotton
  • Fil Up mesh wrap green
  • Fil Up mesh wrap blue

Size 4

  • Easycare Bright Rainbow – cotton
  • Girasol Satomi (bright blue/red/purple) – cotton
  • Oscha Triskele Oban (blue and silver) – linen and cotton
  • Oscha Midnight – linen

Size 3

  • Didymos Indio Emerald (teal) – cotton
  • Oscha Margo Verona (red and white) hemp and cotton
  • Oscha Tree of Life Astraea (blue and cream) wool, silk and cotton
  • Oscha Starry Night Nebula (blue and white) silk and cotton

Size 2

  • Girasol Glace (blue, grey, cream) – cotton
  • Woven Wings Blush Geo – cotton
  • Oscha Starry Night Vespers (purple and gold) – cotton
  • Oscha Vanilla Roses (cream) – silk and cotton
  • Didymos Trageschule Sommer (purple and red) – cotton